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Evolution Health & Fitness, Anniston, AL

Evolution Health & Fitness, Anniston, AL

Evolution Health & Fitness provides fitness enthusiasts, athletes, public safety officers, and military personnel a training facility that will prepare them both physically and mentally for the ever-changing conditions of this world, while improving the overall quality of their safety, health, and fitness.

Evolution H&F strives to be known as the training facility whose clients are confident and their efforts are being rewarded in reality-based training followed by recordable, visible, and repeatable results. Evolution H&F believes that our strength and conditioning sessions coupled with nutrition coaching will drastically improve the quality of life and aesthetics of the everyday fitness enthusiast. Evolution H&F will have the public safety officers and military achieve their maximum potential so that no matter what challenge duty calls, they will be prepared. Evolution H&F will also set our athletes up for success as they train in the off season of their respected sport keeping them mobile and injury free for their upcoming seasons.

Head Instructor: Lance Hagan
Phone: 256-770-7730

Address: 905 Noble Street, Anniston, AL 36201